Project Management

I have been involved in the successful management of research projects for several years. Projects included the coordination of a common interest group for research into the nutritional effect of zinc, the development of an IT tool providing best practice advice with the ability to perform dietary assessment in a far more automated way than was ever possible previously, and a project building capacity for dietary monitoring in the eastern Mediterranean region. My management of these projects has taken me around Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America. I have taken my management qualifications to ILM Level 7, and possesses the all round skills needed to manage many types of projects, including research.

Event Management

Whilst project managing various research projects, I have been responsible for the organisation of numerous, typically research-based, events ranging from internal meetings to events involving participants from many continents. These events have all been roundly praised by attendees.

Multi-Lingual Working

I am a native Spanish speaker, fluent in English, with intermediate Italian and basic German. I have a track record of developing productive working relationships with colleagues from diverse locations in the world.

Business Development

I have experience in developing contacts between organisations so as to fulfil common goals, matching up clients to knowledge bases. This experience spans matching research organisations up in order to provide a coordinated funding application, or matching commercial partners up with research groups so as to commercially exploit the findings of research. I have been involved in the use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to protect the intellectual property (IP) of research.

Presentation Skills

I have spoken and educated at conferences and meetings across the world, on specific research developments or on the status of projects that I have been responsible for.

Nutrition Research

I have several years experience of being involved in nutrition research. This started with my masters thesis into UK portion sizes, followed by my doctorate thesis into the effect of iron / zinc on growth and cognitive development of children. I continued my research as a postdoc, with particular interest in micronutrients, food composition and dietary assessment.

I have presented my research work at conferences in the UK and Europe as well as being a guest presenter in South America. I have many published papers to my name. I have additionally made significant contributions to research funding applications. I am a Registered (Public Health) Nutritionist.